Friday, 15 July 2011

Floria , Putrajaya 2011

Floria at Putrajaya
form 9 julai until 17 persisiran tasik, persint 2..
theme : roses are forever
this my flmy pic with the floria banner

purple flower
 bungga burung or bird flower.. coz u can see the flower..really-really like a bird.

kupu-kupu.... really like butterfly.. like it [^_^]

orkid laahh

artis.... and good in art.. Imuda

so many flower here.. orchid, roses,  and etc..

so many place...can pose

 this is one of activities there..  this is Grafiti.. my little brother very2 axited with this.. huh i dont know whta so interest


here there is a large pavilion shows various flowers..also have vegetable i think
 see Malaysia flag with colorful roses


From Thailand

at with different event.. also fun with firewood
this event is until 30 Julai 2011.

heee..only have one picture that show firewood..

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pantai Morib

This month, sy ke Pantai Morib..
singgah sekejap selepas ke Kenduri Kahwin.
Cantek n 10km dr Pekan Banting.
senang ke Tempat nie. ikut signboard jer. kompem sampai.

ade mcm2 gerai mkn..
facilities yg cukup and tempat nye bersih... like it..
tapi tempat mandi or bersantai tepi pantai xde plak.. yg berdekatan.. myb jauh kut..
ade jg pgunjung yg turun mandi.. tp turun
mgunakan tebing-tebing yg runtuh...

this my mum, aunt and me ofcoz.. ^_^